Report Potholes!


It looks like winter may finally be behind us, but the warmer spring temperatures have also heralded the start of “pothole season”. Because we had a very wet winter of heavy snow and rain, along with several freeze-thaw cycles, you may notice a lot of potholes in the roads.

Potholes occur when the pavement is weakened by moisture seeping into the pavement, freezing, expanding and then thawing. Traffic driving over the roads loosens the pavement further, and it eventually crumbles and pops out, causing a pothole.

If you see a pothole you may report the problem to VDOT online here or by calling 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623). VDOT will investigate each report and will schedule repairs as soon as possible.

VDOT pothole repair trucks are out in full force. Let’s keep them busy until all the potholes are filled!