Are You Owed Money or Property?


Many people are not aware that Virginia’s Treasury Department maintains an Unclaimed Property Division that provides a clearinghouse for people, businesses, and government agencies who owe money or property but can’t find the owner. You can easily see if this unit of state government is holding money or property for you by clicking here.

This isn’t a gimmick. I checked it myself, and found an insurance refund I was owed for $17.36. Although I have lived in Virginia for 30 years, the insurance company was somehow not able to locate me. While most people will find they are not owed money, I was glad I checked, even though it was not a large sum. I completed the short, online form, and a check arrived in the mail from the state a few weeks later. I am aware of people who received much larger amounts. You’ll need to log into the secure website and provide some personal information. It only takes a couple of minutes.