Have an Idea for Legislation?


The 2015 session of the Virginia General Assembly will start January 14, 2015. I’m already considering bills to introduce.

As you might imagine, I expect to continue to focus on issues like transportation, education, improving opportunities for job creation, and ways to make government operations more transparent and accountable to you. I expect ethics reform legislation will also be considered, in addition to ethics law changes enacted in 2014.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a bill, please let me know. All House of Delegates members have a 15 bill limit, as the session is scheduled for only six weeks in 2015. I can’t promise that every idea or suggestion will become a bill, but all will be considered.

Also, I often co-sponsor bills with other members who introduce legislation that would benefit our area and Virginia as a whole. So if your idea isn’t used in a bill I introduce, it could still help me determine which bills I should co-sponsor. In addition, not all changes in state government require a change in the law. Some can be implemented with regulations or by local governments.

Thanks for considering this request.